“With over a decade of experience and four albums under their belt, Seattle hard rock experts Custom have graced the rock world with yet another monstrous collection of shredding tunes. Brace For Impact, the latest self released album is a fair warning to any listener about to don headphones or for the even more daring, those cranking their speakers up to 11...Custom’s Brace For Impact is a musical and lyrical journey surely to hit home with a number of listeners, especially those rooted in the Pacific Northwest as the summer fades and the rainy season begins to set in. The album can be enjoyed during times of rocking celebration and times of inward self reflection and preparation to move forward. This is an album you don’t want to miss!”

Northwest music Scene

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“Seattle based rockers CUSTOM have returned with their latest album, Brace For Impact. I’m here to tell you that this is rock n’ roll just how you remember it and exactly how you used to and still do love it. An arena sized sound, soaring guitars, and raw rock n’ roll attitude collide to deliver an album that stirs nostalgia for a time when rock music was propagated by real musicians who played their own instruments and only relied on post-production techniques in order to deliver that epic, larger than life sound reminiscent of ’80s Arena Rock. .. If you were take the larger than life vibes from acts like Bon Jovi or Def Leppard and inject them with some grit courtesy of Pearl Jam, Nirvana or Alice In Chains, you might be able to imagine what CUSTOM possibly sounds like. The only way to know for sure is to turn the volume up to 12 and click play!”

Middle Tennessee Music

“The roots of rock started out very simple, and when a band can take that, bring it to the modern world, and still make it catchy as hell, that’s when you know you have a winner. Brace For Impact, the newest from Custom, is just that. It’s got grit, soul, and spirit, and it has some killer songs...This is my first time checking out their music, but I’m going to have to seek out more. They might never make it any further than they currently have, but it won’t be from lack of trying and lack of talent. This is a “local” band that could easily become global (pun intended.) This might not be the best of the year for me, but Brace For Impact is a pretty damn amazing record.”


“With hundreds of live shows under their belt, over a decade of experience, and soon four albums, Brace For Impact makes it clear that Custom is steadfast in their mission. Embodying everything about the rock and roll lifestyle, Custom's upcoming album is adventurous, boisterous, and most importantly: fun. It’s rock music that explodes with life from its first seconds until its last notes. It’s everything the genre was built on, and that’s sadly a rarity in 2018.”

Swim Into The Sound

“Brace For Impact, the 4th album release from Seattle rockers CUSTOM, is a project that warns you quite precisely of the weight and energy you’re about to experience as you press play. As a band, CUSTOM’s experience is unquestionable – the speed with which some of these tracks has been performed and recorded is insane, and the unity between elements – the tightness between band members – is phenomenal. Even when things break down to the delicate, as they occasionally do just to keep things varied and appealing, the band highlight a shared ability to cater for the emotion of the moment in a fitting and furiously effective way. From a songwriting perspective, there’s a lot to love about this playlist. Listen loud and experience the exuberance first hand.”

Stereo Stickman


“Brace For Impact by Custom is the magnum opus of today’s indie rock sound. Not only did I find Custom’s work endearing, but refreshing and practical. Custom displays their depth as a band through sincerity and an all-encompassing work effort that has made Brace For Impact a new lifestyle.”

Warlock Asylum International News


“This is a fast-paced album of heavy, adrenaline-pumping rock music...It’s quite obvious that these guys have put in a lot of time, hard work and heart into this album. I can tell everyone is having a rockin’ time on this record. If you want to rock too, check out this album!”

Tracy Salsbery, Northwest Music Scene


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