Corey Petro

Paul Yarnold

Brian Cochran

A New Year brings about change, and 2022 brings about a huge change for CUSTOM. As many of you know, the band's founder and guitarist Corey Petro moved out of state. If it weren't for Corey, there would literally be no CUSTOM. Though no longer playing live with us, Corey will continue to be involved with the band, and will always be part of the CUSTOM family.

So, as we move forward into the new year, please help us formally welcome Adam Dane to the band on guitar. We couldn't be more excited to have a person and guitarist of Adam's quality join the band and the CUSTOM family.

Stay tuned CUSTOM nation, 2022 is gonna ROCK!

Scott Bickham

David Lyon


David Lyon – Lead Vocals
Adam Dane – Guitar
Scott Bickham – Guitar & Vocals
Paul Yarnold – Bass & Vocals 
Brian Cochran – Drums 

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